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Ask Jeeves for Kids

Resource Type Type of Resource: Student tools and information, Teacher Tools and Information, Research Resources
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This site is easy to use and very child friendly. Asking questions in conversational English is a unique technology that allows students to feel they are talking to a person and getting the help they need. The resources to use and topics to ask Jeeves about are broad.


From the website: "Ask Jeeves for Kids is a fast, easy and kid-friendly way for kids to find answers to their questions online. Designed to be a fun destination site focused on learning and `edutainment,´ Ask Jeeves for Kids uses natural-language technology that allows kids to ask questions, such as `Why is the sky blue?´ or `What's it like to live in space?´ in the same way they would ask a parent, friend or teacher. The service combines human editorial judgment with filtering technology to enable kids to find both relevant and appropriate answers on the Web."

Possible uses:

While involved in any curricular study, students may come up with their own questions and be unable to find answers in the library or unable to use the library at that moment. Use this site as a resource for students to find answers to whatever piques their curiosity. Have it bookmarked for quick question entering anytime during the school day. Titles of the Study Tools on the site include a dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, biography, science, clip art, astronomy, world atlas, math help and history. Students can access these tools to help them research, learn or get help with homework. There are also games.

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Grade Level

Pre-K, K-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12+

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General Resources
Language Arts
Social Studies
Media Education
Social Curriculum
Tools : Student

Type of Resource

Student tools and information, Teacher Tools and Information, Research Resources