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Education improvement and innovation

for online and bricks & mortar programs

DBGA is not currently accepting new clients.

At this time, I am no longer accepting new clients due to a full schedule and long-term commitments.Thanks for your interest in my work.

I specialize in program start-up, growth, evaluation and improvement for schools of all kinds, with an emphasis on online programs, urban school turnaround, and education technology. Read about some of my latest projects to learn about the variety of ways I help programs develop.

The Latest Projects

Blog: Perspectives and Information on Education!

I've started blogging weekly about a wide range of educational topics. Check it out at Perspectives & Information on Education

Distraction Dodger!

In cooperation with Web Courseworks of Madison, Wisconsin, DBGA has helped develop a new computer game for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute of the University of Minnesota. This little gem of a game introduces middle school and high school students to the dangers of distracted driving, and comes with educational tools, including lesson plans. You can play the game at the ITS site This project follows our highly successful Gridlock Buster, which has now seen over 3 million plays world wide.

2011 Demographics Study!

For the third year in a row, we have conducted a study of the demographics of online students and teachers with the cooperation of iNACOL. You can download the report here: Online Demographics Report

GLBTQ Online High School!

Dave is the founder and Executive Director of the world's first online school specifically for students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexuality or gender. This school, which opened in January 2010, will provide a safe and supportive environment for these students to earn a high quality education. To learn more, visit the school website at GLBTQ Online High School

iNACOL website! Now Launched!

Matt Wicks and I, along with a great team of advisors, wrote the content for the just-released iNACOL website "How to Start an Online Program." Check out this fantastic new resource!

Fort Washakie High School!

Fort Washakie High School is an online charter school that serves Native American students on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming and across the state. DBGA visits several times each year to provide consulting and evaluation services. This program is graduating students who have not been adequately served by other schools in the area. It has been featured in a Wyoming Public Radio spot. You can listen to it at Wyoming Public Radio Open Spaces

Urban school improvement!

As a consultant with Cambridge Education I am working with urban schools across the country on a wide variety of school improvement projects. Over the past few years, this has included work in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Gary (IN), Oakland (CA) and other cities.

Natural Science Academy

I am a school board member for a small charter school in St. Paul Park, MN. The K-5 school focuses on environmental education through project-based learning. Check it out at Natural Science Academy!

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Classroom Resources

Be sure to check out the classroom resources database! We've now reviewed over 500 web-based resources to help teachers find great tools to use in the face-to-face or virtual classroom. Just click the "classroom resources" tab above!